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Goin' Nuts...the greatest oak was once a little nut that held its ground.
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Walk on a rainbow trail;
walk on a trail of song,
and all about you will be beauty.
There is a way out of every dark mist,
over a rainbow trail.

Navajo song
20th-Jan-2009 09:07 pm - I'm home and everything is okay.

Okay.  How best to say "I'm sorry?"  I'm so sorry naomi sue.  LJ told me it was posted!
Alas, it was not.  It's history now anyway; and some historical sagas are worth sharing.
Perhaps this one is.

I went to the hospital last night.  My coumadine nurse told me to phone my cardiologist
because my pulse was so low.  He was concerned about my Lanoxin.  SO I phoned,
'cause I'm a compliant patient.  I told my cardiologist's nurse what was going on.  She
phoned back  and said that the cardiologist's concern was my digixon and how it was
mixing with the new heart drug  'cause sometimes they can cause toxicity.  (I think that
digoxin and lanoxin are the same thing.)

He wanted me to go to the hospital.  Right now.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.
I boo-hooed like a baby - which, of course is when naomi sue phoned to see how I was
doin'.  I got myself calmed down a bit and tried to explain to her what the concerns were.
I promised I'd post, and LJ ate my post.

So, I dutifully went to the hospital, to be admited thru ER. Now, this is neat.  While I'm
doing the paperwork to be admitted, who do I find wandering the halls looking for me?
My cardio's nurse.  She had been so concerned about me when I was falling apart on
the phone; she was making sure I was there and I was okay.  Very nice of her.

Soon I was admitted (6:00 ish) and the admitting doctor was very concerned about the
swelling in my ankle.  So a sonogram was ordered.  The sonogram people had all
gone home for the day and we had to wait for the on call person to get there.  The ER
was crazy that night.  I was put in a hallway.  Then we did x-rays and I was returned to
the hallway.  Then the sonogram lady showed up and we used a room long enough
to do the test.  Then I was returned to the hallway.  My "room" was the hallway until
11:15!  Then I was put in an ER room and there I stayed.  There was tv, but by then
it was so late - who cared?  They finally found my chart and moved me to a
room at 3:15 this morning.

The reason for the sonogram was to check for a clot in the swollen leg.  No blockage
was found.  The doc was so certain there would be one, that they almost did a
second sonogram!  My hospital doc shook his head in bemusement.  If there had
been a clot, the clot would be treated with coumadin, which I am already on!

I figure I got about 4 forty - minute naps between 4 and 8 this morning.  My hospital
doctor walked in and asked why I was there.  By now, I'm so confused, I have no idea.
But I dutifully outline the dtails.  He adjusts my meds.  I am dismissed about
one o'clock.

So what was that all about I ask myself?  I chatted with the cardio's nurse this
evening.  She said "Well, it was a bit of a hassle, but we know that everything is
okay."  Man!  I thought that I was the queen of putting a positive spin on things!

I'm home and everything is okay.

19th-Jan-2009 02:29 pm - without energy

Greetings all.  I' sorry to have worried so many of you.

I am still home and I am "fine."  I have no energy.
No energy at all ... but I am "fine."

I had my Coumadin level checked this morning.
In the process I learned that:

My pulse is 46
My blood pressure is 90/64.

WELL!  NO WONDER I have no energy!  duh!

I've not been fighting it.  I've been sitting around reading.
Going from one chair to the other when I get uncomfortable.
I know the house is warm, but I can't seem to get warm.

I've not been posting as I have no energy, but I also don't
have my usual attitude and am reluctant to be negative here.

Some insight into what I'm really feeling:  I had decided that,
since I lived (against the odds) perhaps a lesson to be learned
was to slow down.  So I slowed down.  In fact I thought I was
doing pretty well at the "slow down thing."  Bu this incident
has really set me back about 18 months.....

Well, there you have it.  Trouble is, I don't think that
resentment is going to do me any good at all.  I need to get
over it and move on.

Thank you so much all your kind and gracious thoughts.

I'll try to post more often.
13th-Jan-2009 07:00 pm - Home Again

I just returned home about two hours ago.  I'm tired.

They found no clots and so did the shock treatment..
and they s tabalized the heart.  For a while.

It went back out of rythm during the late night/early
morning hours.  However,

They have sent me home to let my body absorb
and get accustomed to the new drug. 

In the meantime, we'll closely monitor with lab
work and probably do the same treatment in
2 - 3 weeks, depending on what the body is
doing with the dugs.

8th-Jan-2009 02:20 pm - Vacation at St. John's

I'm headed to the hospital.  That's the strangest good news I've heard in a long time.

As you know, my energy has been way low since Christmas.

I have Congestive Heart Failure, which, if you didn't know is detailed in my bio.

So.....Congestive Heart Failure.....weakened lower left ventrical, 'causing less
powerful ejection of the blood from the chamber.  Can be lived with and well
managed, once one knows and accepts one's limitations. 

So ... then about Christmas.....the heart decides that it wants to change it's rythm.
That's called atrial fibrillation.  It occurs, usually, in about 25% of the population;
sometime between age forty and death.  No biggy.

Except.... atrial fibrillation occurs in the top chamber of the heart.  Instead of pump-
ing strongly,  the chambers tend now to flutter.  This can be bad because it often
doesn't move all the blood.  Some can settle in and become a clot.  Not good.

It's especially bad when the lower quadrants are weakened already.  They compen-
sate for the top, in a normal healthy heart.

What we do:  Step one is to thin the blood.  That will make things easier on the 
weakened heart.  Step two is to be sure there are no clots and then we (they)
will shock the heart back into a normal rythm.  

Why the hospital?  Well, for shocking the heart primarily.  Secondarily, for moni-
toring my body as it responds to the new medications.  The body is already in
stress.  There may be no problem with the new meds.   There might be a 
problem.  In the hospital they can catch it faster if there is a problem.

I did get permission to watch the OU game at home tonight.  With my family.
That'll be a good thing.    Then the hospital in the morning. 
Should be home on Tuesday.

After the heart is back in it's proer rythm, there is every expectation that I'll
return to my "normal" energy levels.  That's the best news!
6th-Jan-2009 05:25 pm(no subject)

I pushed myself today.

I awakened and showered and washed my hair ( a major energy investment.)

The Nineteen took me to give blood for my doctor appointment on Thursday.

Came home and an hour later the postman made his delivery.  I had a feeling
and so went to the box.  (Another energy investment.)  Lo and behold ...
my beautiful tarot cards and accompanying  book were there!  Yeah!

And then I went to luch with two girl friends.  It was a nice long quiet conversation.

Then home and a football game tonight. 

Not a lot - but a lot more than I have been doing!
I l ike that!

3rd-Jan-2009 05:03 pm - Laying Low
not always bflys

...or lain low.

My energy has been whished away.  Seriously.  As of yesterday I would get
winded, easily, just walking about the house.  That is much improved today...
although I seriously have no energy.  I'm back to the levels of 14 months
ago.  If I were to go to the grocercy store (which I won't; I send one of my
men) I would use the electric cart, which I haven't used since Nov. '07.

I have a doctor appointment on Thursday morning.  That should provide
some answers, I hope.  My walking partner (a nurse) and the doctor's
nurse both commented on what a baby dose of heart medicine I am on.
The problem seems to have an easy fix.

However, the question looms large....The energy surge that came on in
Aug. and stayed until this nonsense.....What about that?  I don't understand.

In the meantime, I am here, laying low, and trying to be productive; which
doesn't seem possible - and laying low seems to be winning.

25th-Dec-2008 03:39 pm - Christmas '08

About the 18th of December, Mr. Sweetheart (who managed to
remember something that I'd said) and Nineteen were together
and Nineteen held him hostage to go Christmas shopping for me.
How lovely!  And...!... Mr. Sweetheart remembered a store that we'd
seen advertised on television and that they had cool locally created
artist type stuff and that he couldn't go wrong. buying something there.
So, they went there.  (Fast forward....they didn't go wrong!)

About the 22nd of December I inquired of Mr. Sweetheart as to the
whereabouts of a Borders coupon....or was it expired?  "I used it."
he said.  I was unaware of any new reading material for either Mr.
Sweetheart nor Nineteen, but since it is the "Season to not ask
questions" I went on about my business. 

About the 23rd of December, some male in my family mentioned that
they had purchased for me something that was not on the list, as well
as the art piece.  They were (rightfully so) feeling quite proud.

The morning of the 25th of December, as we're opening presents, the
only gift for me was from the art store....as this has been wrapped by the
store.  It is a lovely, very heavy, big, glass (blue) tealight holder that  has
been carved (yes, carved glass) and has a butterfly and hibiscus
blossoms on it. Quite lovely. 

Later in the day, Mr. Sweetheart is puttering in the garage.  Lo and behold!
He discovers that Santa left a bag of gifts in there, for me!  Would he
ever have remembered had he not been puttering in the garage? 
I doubt it.

Wonderful Christmas smiles!
25th-Dec-2008 03:34 pm - How many coats?
I'm finishing "making" a Christmas gfit.  It is a plastic (exterior)
insulated coffee mug that can be plugged into the car to keep
the contents warm.

I've decorated the exterior with lots of lettering and stickers.
Very personalized!  I'm most pleased.  Anyway....it occured
to me that a sealant would me a good thing.  The mug can't
go into the dishwasher, but to protect the stickers from
being knocked around.

So I bought Mod Podge, and with fear and trepidation (as
I've never used it before) I applied the first coat.  I'm very
pleased!  It is performing as expected!

Anyone used this stuff before?  Any suggestions as to how
many coats to use?

Christmas smiles!
25th-Dec-2008 02:55 pm - Christmas Greetings
Merry Christmas to you all!

Often I refer to one or another of you in conversation, as if
we'd just had coffee together.

My wish for you:

May 2009 find you moving in a
positive direction toward your
goals and dreams.
24th-Dec-2008 12:20 am - Tidbits

I finished it!

Not only did I finish it, I took a picture so that I might post it, after it is received.

And not only that, I packed - AND SHIPPED - it.  (shipping is the single thing
that I do least well in life.  I procrastinate....and procrastinate....if it is import-
ant that you receive it, ask Mr. Sweetheart to do it.)

It is now on it's way to Dayton.  Via USPS.  I was frustrated with Fed-Ex and
their authorized dealer, who added an additional $6 to the freight bill.  So
it may take a few days.  For $6, that's okay. 

Then, I arrive home and I have 2 packages in my mailbox.  As I was starting
to open the contents of a delivery from guavmom , Nineteen asked
"Are you opening a Christmas present?" with an incredulous and
accusing tone of voice.  Since I wasn't sure, they're now under the tree.

Also a package from Miss.  Thank you wherrymotor .  Also, now, under
the tree. 

I made Chex Mix last night.  It's not great.  I made fuge tonight.  It tastes too
sweet.  I tried Egg Nog tonight.  It tasted too sweet.  Maybe I should go on a
fruit and veggies eating plan.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  We'll be having spaghetti and meat sauce. 
(So much for fruit and veggies.)  When the boys were very little, we were
putting out cookies for Santa.  Nineteen told me, very authoratatively -
"Mom!  Santa wants spaghetti!"  So I dutifully cooked some and put it on a
plate.  Well, he was right.  The next morning all the spaghetti was gone!
So we've been having spaghetti and meatsauce ever since.  It's actually
quite easy on the cook and somehow does not interfere with any other
things that might be going on.
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