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Goin' Nuts...the greatest oak was once a little nut that held its ground.

10 September 1955
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I was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo.

I have defeated breast cancer twice. I now have Congestive Heart Failure as a result of the chemotherapy treatment. Because of this I have very low energy and am therefore unemployable. I enjoy spending my energy in (seriously)learning to be a Home Economist. I am able to manage the grocery shopping and cooking as well as most of the cleaning. (Previously, I paid another to do the cleaning and we ate out a LOT more.)

I have degrees in Speech Communication and Psychology; as well as a minor in Spanish.

I lived in Gremany for about 4 years and now live in Tulsa, OK with my husband of 25 years and our two teenage boys.

Before the Congestive Heart Failure, I was a manufacturers sales representative in the gift industry in the state of OK. I did so very much love what I did and I do miss it a great deal. However, I figure I need to learn a lesson here ... something to do with relaxing and not constantly demanding over achievement of myself? ... or something else entirely? Who knows? I wonder if I'll know it when I learn it?

THE GORY DETAILS: (To better understand some of my posts I offer the following information.)
Fritz (actually Snickelfritz) is my dog: A black cockapoo that worships the ground that I walk on. He was born in 1996 on Feb 28th.
My boys ages will change as they age, on their birthdays.

PEC: Positive Energy Crap. I am constantly sending positive energy to those I deem in need of or deserving it. A LJ recipient was frustrated with me and said that she didn't believe in that Positive Energy Crap...and she then dubbed it PEC. It has been PEC ever since and, I believe, that she is now a believer.

The Congestive Heart Failure came on in January 2006. I spent the month of February in the hospital. I was then released to my home and Hospice care and it was suggested that I had (maybe) 3 weeks, or 6 months at the outside. I guess I didn't pay attention because I am still here. On my healing journey, the biggest step occured when I met a woman who knows many healing techniques and in our conversations reminded me that the brain can do many things. My conscience self then started telling the brain what we wanted it to do. That was about September, '06. I was released from Hopsice in February '07. Here I am, continuing to improve.

I still monitor my weight daily and am diligent in keeping it at 150ish. I weighed 168 in college. This thin body is still a new experience for me and I delight in being thin. (I've lost some 50 pounds since the onset of CHF.)

The first diagnosis of Breast Cancer was in Mar. '01. I breezed thru the lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. A neighbor/walking partner says of me "She treated it just like it was a hang nail." I can't deny that. The second diagnosis was in Sept. '05. Then there was a mastectomy and chemo. I never have admitted this before: during BCII I was irritated by those folks, who, with good intentions, would tell me "I know So-and-so and they're a several year survivor." I wanted to snap and ask "Yah, but did they have to do it twice??!?!?" I never said it.

I now refer to Breast Cancer as the Pink Monster. It is a survivable ordeal.

More later...